Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I always have this tendency to buy an odd ingredient on impulse (you know, ingredients you're not too familiar with, or very rarely use), with full on spirit to cook something, usually recipes I saw on the net.. Say buttermilk, to cook crispy fried chicken.. Mana nak cari Buttermilk kat pasar, or kedai runcit, kena gak pergi Cold Storage.. So, odd la tu kan? Once I get home, I'd put that ingredient in a fridge, then after a few days, I'd wonder what was it that I wanted to cook in the first place.. It irks me a lot, especially when the expiration date is near.. But, I'd repeat the same thing again and again.. Now, I try not to buy those odd ingredients anymore.. Kurang sikit perasaan sakit jiwa.. I try to make it a practice, 'takde masalah, jangan sibuk nak cari masalah.'.. Or 'Do not put your head under the guillotine for a cause not worth fighting for'.. Hehe.. Gila panjang translation..

But yesterday, I did it again (bummer!).. Went to a mini market to buy something else, but as I walked by the cold storage section, I saw a tub of natural yoghurt.. I thought to myself, "Hey, I need this to cook that recipe I saw on the net." I just grabbed it on impulse.. At that point, I couldn't even remember what was it that I wanted to cook.. In my head, I was envisioning chicken.. Haha.. In the car, I rummaged through the 'files' in my brain, trying to remember WHAT was the recipe and whether I've saved it, and if I did, WHERE I saved it.. 'In my laptop? In the ipad? Did I print screen it? Did I save it in my pendrive? Or my hard disk? Or just the local Documents folder? Or did I just save it as Favorite? But which PC? Or was it my laptop?' 

That is actually quite a frustrating process, REALLY!.. Much like not remembering the name of a movie, or your long lost friend's name.. It frustrates you a lot, right? Yeah, same feeling here.. Andddd, on top of that, I'm quite sure that I wanted to use yoghurt as a substitute of an ingredient in the recipe.. Yeah, which makes matters worst.. :P Oh, by the way, I didn't even buy the thing that I originally wanted to buy.. Funny, right? Hurmm..

Well, after much brain rummaging and thinking (my face was like a permanent fixture of a frown the whole day, as if the problem was too great like memikirkan masalah negara), I now know what I wanted to cook it with - Baked Chicken Nuggets with Dilly Ranch Dip.. Go on, click the link and drool.. Yummeh, kan?

I also found other similar recipes, like below:
1) Jamie Oliver Crunchy Garlic Chicken Nuggets
2) Crispy Yogurt Chicken

Ok, being real, I might end up NOT cooking those recipes after all.. So, I've prepared a back up strategy.. Which is kind of ironic.. That very evening, I saw 'Anna Olson - Fresh' on TV and she showed the simplest way of using yoghurt.. Coincident? Maybe.. Miracle? Possibly.. A sign? Haha.. Well, could be.. Of what, I wonder?

Which reminds me, I can also incorporate natural yoghurt into my Fruit Salad, replacing mayonnaise.. A healthier choice, eh? Haha, suddenly ideas and inspirations come rushing in.. Oh well, Wish me luck! No wait, please wish the yoghurt the best of luck.. Hopefully it doesn't find its way into Mr Dumpster.. Huhu..

Aww, the boy is too cute, kan?

Toodles dearies.. Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul.. Mari ke pasar membeli ayam.. Hehe..

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