Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Revamp : Old T shirts

Was cleaning up the closet to free up some space. I actually gave away most of my clothes last year to here, but my closet is still full of clothes! I realize now that I don't have the heart to part with most of them due to a lot of reasons.. Memories, design hard to find nowadays, hoping to pass some of them to my children, hoping that I'd be able to wear them one day.. huhu.. I just can't stick to my friend's rule of 'If there is one item that you don't use within a year, throw it away'. The thing is, I haven't worn these clothes for a lot of years.. So, how leh? :P

I have like 3 piles of t-shirts that I have not worn since uni life.. And uni life was years back.. I am thinking of revamping them.. Maybe that would help freeing up space in my closet. I googled online and saw these potentials.. 

1) Shrug t-shirt

2) t-shirt quilt/ blanket
t shirt blanket

3) Grocery Bag
T-shirt Grocery Bags

4) A wall art

5) As a gift wrap?

source : make-it-love-it

6) A cloth diaper?
source : magical-mama

There are  also a lot of ideas, inclusive of tutorial that one can get from pinterest.

Supercool, eh? But somehow, I couldn't help but wonder.. Where do I keep these things, if I ever decide to make them? Erkk..


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