Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello blog..

I'm sorry I have neglected you for soo long.. *sheepish smile*

A lot has happened, both happy and sad events, and sometimes confusing too.. That's just part of life, I guess.. One day, Insya Allah, I'd be able to look back and say, 'I've been there, felt that, done that, experienced that'.. Hopefully these things will help me become a better person..

Anyways, it's a new Gregorian year, 2013.. I imagine a lot more will happen this year.. Renewed hope, renewed dreams, renewed resolution.. with new fears, new challenges, new responsibilities.. Whatever it is, I believe Allah will always be there with me to guide and for me to turn to.. In which therefore, I pray that I shall never falter away from Him.. His blessings is just everywhere.. Thank you Allah..

Happy new Gregorian year.. Hope everyone will achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.. And I also hope that we don't forget the unfortunate, and don't forget to be thankful.. :)


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