Friday, November 19, 2010

My Aidil Adha

Am going back to mum and dad's hometown today.. Singgah beraya dengan opah belah ayah dulu.. :) Then, straight to mum's hometown.. Esok lapah lembu, agih-agihkan daging korban, selebihnya masak sup.. Tahun ni, nak jamu orang kampung dengan mihun sup.. Taruk sambal kicap, tabur daun sup & bawang goreng.. Nyums! Jangan tersedak sudah.. hehe..

We celebrated our Aidil Adha which fell on Wednesday, Nov 17th, in KL, as we did most years. As it has been for quite a number of years already, dad would be making his famed lemang jagung rebus. Mum would be busy in the kitchen, cooking and preparing many, many and I do mean MANY delicious food.. Just like Aidil Fitri, her array of dishes would be in the line of nasi impit Nona and partner in crime kuah kacang daging, and a minimum of 3 types of rendang. Chicken redang, beef rendang, rendang 3 beradik, rendang udang (it has a different name, tapi kalau tulis nanti boleh mengundang isu sensitif! :P), rendang kerang, rendang minang, rendang tok, rendang pedas, rendang hitam.. ahh, you get the idea..Not forgetting her famous tapai pulut.. Oh, but wait! These are merely the side dishes.. The main dish would either be Nasi Tomato, Nasi Minyak or Nasi Hujan Panas, accompanied by kurma daging/ayam, kuah dalca daging/ayam and jelatah.. Only this year, a slight change of the usual norm.. The main dish bertukar menjadi Kuey Tiaw Sup, and its sidekicks..

Table 1: Nasi Impit, Lemang Jagung Rebus, Rendang Ayam, Chicken Ala Thai, Rendang Kerang, Kuah Kacang Daging

Table 2: Kuey Tiaw Sup

Yes, that's me lovely mummy.. At the end of the day, she would be complaining of her aching feet.. Buat penat je pesan supaya masak sikit-sikit, end up banyak juga lauknya.. I guess Mum will always be Mum.. :) Saya rasa, esok2 saya pun menurun perangai mak saya.. Huhu..

One might wonder, "Banyak gila lauk, tapi untuk pemanis mulutnya tapai aje?" Hehe, mestilah tidak.. Yang buat pemanis mulutnya mestilah yours truly.. :P Normally, it would be my 'famous', ahem, Moist Chocolate Cake.. But this year, "Mama nak Marble Cake laa.. Resepi Asmah Laili dari Singapura".. Menggagau cari resepi online.. Sekali tengok resepi, fuiyo banyaknya pakai telur! And 3 blocks of butter? This has to be my biggest challenge yet.. I'm just a small scaled bakerina.. :) Baru pukul butter dan gula, dah penuh mixing bowl.. But, Alhamdulillah, it turned out quite well on the first attempt..

That's a 12 x 12 marbled cake, mind you.. :P Next time, I shall divide only a third of the batter for the chocolate part..

Whilst waiting for the marble cake to bake in the oven, mama had to ask.. "Puding Bumbung tak nak buat ke? Rasa nak yang lembut-lembut jugak.." So, off I went scurrying to the kitchen, chanting incantations, eh silap, mixing and cooking ingredients for my Puding Bumbung.. This pudding has a name, but we like to call it Puding Bumbung.. or Roof Pudding.. *smiles

My brightly coloured Puding Bumbung

So there, my Aidil Adha..

Happy days!

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