Monday, October 18, 2010

Smile From Your Liver

If you haven't watched Eat.Pray.Love, the subject above will put a question mark on the top of your head, I'm sure. :) 

Takpe. Lolly explains.. Liver = Heart.

Sekarang, faham tak?

Ok, saya bagi masa untuk awak work out the equation.

Eh, tak dapat tangkap lagi? Aiyaa.. Seloww laa! Takpe, cuba lagi..


So, as the subject reads, I had plenty of things to smile about.. I had a productive weekend with baking/cooking and sewing projects.. So, let us see what the projects were:

1) My sister's cake mixer cover..
In this picture you can see the two sides of what I hope would turn out as The Cover, which must be attached to the center part, which I have not yet sewn.. All senget benget.



2) Puding Rumah @ Puding Bumbung
Mum had been raving about this since she saw Mak Uda made one last Ramadan. Hint = Buat, jangan tak buat. So, we did and what you see in the picture below was the outcome. Ada tak ala-ala rumah panjang? Ke macam rumah setinggan? Tee hee.. It has more room for improvement, I'd say.

Takut tengok kaler bumbung.. Terlebih taruk cat biru.. hehe

3) Fruit Cocktail Pudding
A friend has just moved into a new apartment in Kota Damansara. So, I thought I'd bring some nice cold puddings. Konon2 macam house warming party walhal langsir pun belum naik lagi. The decision of actually going there was kind of a last minute call, so the puddings pun last minute la jugak. As a result, they didn't exactly 'set', as in they didn't quite hardened as much and were not as cold as I would've liked them to be. But they tasted ok, I think. Sorry no picture, am making a mental note of taking some pictures when I make them some other time and post them along with the recipe. It's so very easy. You can do it in 15 minutes time or less..

Later, we watched a late night movie in Cineleisure. Guess the title of the movie? Yes darlings, it was 'Eat, Pray, Love'. Sangat amazing tak tertidur dalam cinema. Am not going to start doing movie reviews here, but it was actually an OK movie. Not kebabom but OK.. I like OK movies.. so there.. fullstop..

4) Puding karamel
Iye, hujung minggu yang penuh dengan kegilaan puding. Kegilaan diteruskan dengan caramel puddings. Lihat gambar, ada tak bak bulan purnama? Berlubang-lubang and all wrinkled up. Hehe.. Should have seen them masa dalam pengukus. They were puffing up and I was like 'Ni puding ke apam ni?' Mind you, I have not been making caramel puddings for so many years. Hehe.. So, terima je lah seadanya. Janji boleh makan.

5) Faiz D's Blankie
I've shown you Tish's baby quilt, yang ini pulak abang die punya. They're gonna have their birthday party this Saturday, combine sekali je sebab budak kecik yang nama Tisha tu macam la faham pun amende itu birthday party.. I used batting for Tish's, and her name was beautifully embroidered, but that was because I did the sewing at Snazzy's. She has sewing machines yang boleh jahit macam2.. And she has sewing gadgets yang macam2.. Saya hanya ada pembaris, kapur biru, gunting dan Mesin Jahit Bunda. So, I did a simple blanket for my little hero. With baby blue fleece at the back. Konon2 nak buat bantal sekali, tapi jahit tepi untuk blanket ni pun tak siap lagi. And I have only one more week to go! Erm, ditching the bantal idea kot.. Hehe..

Well, those pretty much summed up what I did last weekend. There were loads of other stuff as well but they don't fall under the crafting @ baking @ cooking @ sewing category. (Eh, tapi tgk movie pun tak termasuk dlm kategori tu.. Tee hee..)

I made all these for the people that I care, love and cherish. I may not be able to pull off any of it with perfection, but I made them with a smile from my liver.

Okie dearies, till next we meet. Toodles!

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