Monday, October 4, 2010

Sewing Class

No, I am not conducting any sewing classes.. Haha.. Mahu sesat semua anak murid.. It has been a looong time since I last sewn anything. I used to take Home Science Economy (translated: Ekonomi Rumah Tangga - ERT) as an elective subject when I was in Form 1 - 3.. I must say, I preferred the KMT better though (can't remember what it stands for) cuz it was more technical.. A lot of carpentry, mechanical etc.. which I love.. ERT taught finer, delicate and more feminine skills like sewing and cooking.. I remember once we had to sew a skirt - which I hate.. There was also a quilt project or some sort.. If my memory serves me right, I think the result of the projects turned out quite ok but I didn't like any of them.. hehe.. Which explains why I did not keep any of them.. Haha.. But don't get me wrong, I like sewing and stuff but those projects were really driving me nuts..

So you see, between those days until now, I've never really sewn anything.. Some teeny tiny projects maybe, and a bit of altering here and there but those were just about it, I think.. Lately, I have a renewed passion in crafting, and that includes sewing.. I stumbled upon and discovered that she conducts sewing classes. I thought I needed a refresh course on sewing, so I contacted her, made the arrangements and went learning. And these were the results.. I completed all these in 2 days.. I amazed myself.. really.. :P
I gave this to a dear friend @ the office

Dah jadi travelling solat bag
Placemat yang senget-benget

Oh, I also did a cute pin cushion but I gave it to a friend's little baby.. Tak sempat ambil gambar.. Snazzy, my lovely tutor commented that I should not have taken beginner's class cuz my sewing skills are really not that bad.. I guess I underestimated myself.. I should thank my late Opah and my ERT teachers for that.. I had fun though.. And I amazed myself for being able to complete all these projects in 2 days.. hehe..

Okie dearies, till next we meet..


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