Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mesin Jahit Bunda

Introducing mum's sewing machine.. cap Singer.. Ok, iklan kejap..

"Singer, menawan keluarga bahagiaa.." Biasa dengar tak? Hehe.. nostalgia la pulak..

You'd think that this old chap (bukan crap ye) has been in the family for generations.. Well, sorry to say that it has not.. It was bought second hand just recently, or entah berapa banyak hands pun I tatau.. hehe.. Mum used to have a well loved sewing machine, also a Singer, tapi dah bawa balik kampung.. But I think my aunt in kampung still uses my late grandma's sewing machine.. which is wayy older.. hehe..

I kinda like this machine cuz it really feels old school.. You use your feet to move the motor.. So, it saves energy.. Cool, no? Of course, it has a very limited feature, capable of only doing straight stitches.. Even so, I managed to complete several sewing missions using this old chap (see, not a crap!).. Not bad, huh?

Okie then, till next we meet! Cheerios!

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