Monday, November 28, 2011

:: Devil's Chocolate Cake ::

One of my BFF, Fahn got a surprised birthday cake from her friend at work. The name of the cake - Devil's Chocolate Cake. Few days later, she ordered the same cake from her friend just becuz she felt like eating. This was her what she ordered..

Fahn's Cake

That looks ah-may-zingggg, is it not?.. Obviously I had to try it out.. Fahn gave me this link to look for the recipe, I gave it a go and this was the result..

Messy lah sikit ye.. Hehe.. Suka hati letak blueberries bersepah-sepah.. Ganache pun runny jek.. 

Mind you, this cake was hand-beaten, ok.. *Clap clap.. 

Err.. Please excuse the messiness.. It's still in the fridge, have yet to try it out.. Will be doing just that right after this.. Have a nice day, everyone..


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