Monday, December 19, 2011


I used to be a chocoholic.. Now, not so much.. Or rather, more selective of the chocolates I eat.. I think.. :P

Sepupu saya yang cantik lagi baik hati dah nak kahwin 24 Disember ni.. One of the items in her goodie bag to give away are these chocolates.. These are handmade.. Well, not exactly from scratch.. Tapi, ada personal touch laa.. :) She wanted minimum 1,000 casings of these chocolates, so I've decided to help out a bit..

I managed to do about 370 casings.. 1 casing has 2 chocolates.. so, 370 x 2 = 680 pieces of chocolates in the span of 2 weeks (tolak 5 hari sebab supply dah habis).. Rasa kagum jugak dengan diri sendiri.. Hehe..

These on the other hand, were requested by my sister-in-law for her niece.. Love the polka dots ribbon..

Rupa-rupanya ikat ribbon lagi jenuh dari buat chocolate.. Haha.. Nanti kena belajar teknik ikat ribbon yg mudah dan cepat tapi tetap cantik.. Huhu..

Till we meet again..


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