Saturday, July 23, 2011

:: Gorgeous Golden Nuggets ::

ehem.. hola beautiful people.. kembali bersiaran setelah lamaaa menghilang.. :P

Today I made a bunch of yummy mini granola bars.. perhaps I should call them granola nuggets.. have been procrastinating on making these yummies for quite some time.. petang tadi pergi kedai bakery supply shop and finally found the golden chocolate wrapper that i've searched high and low for.. the ingredients mmg dah ada, resepi pun dah tampal kat fridge, so apa lagi.. makmal ujicuba dibuka semula! (actually nak buat jugak-jugak sebab teruja jumpa chocolate wrapper. :P)


the recipe was google searched.. obviously, lazy misz.lolly would always look for a recipe that's the easiest to make with very minimal ingredients, if possible ones that are always available in mum's kitchen.. I even modified some steps to make life easier..

original recipe can be found here..

while my modified recipe goes something like this:

2 cups oats
sunflower seeds
walnuts, crushed
brown sugar
vanilla extract
chocolate chips

Note: For 2 cups of oats, you'd get about 30 - 35 nuggets. I only put the measurement for the oats cuz i only used basic instincts (hehe) when adding the rest of the ingredients into the oats. You can always refer the original recipe for measurement reference.

  1. First of, you need a non-stick pan. Throw oats, nuts and nuts into the pan, and on a low heat, use a wooden spatula to stir them well. Get them off the heat before they all burn and set them aside in a bowl.
  2. Next, you want to prepare a concoction that'll make the nuts stick to each other. Pour in the brown sugar, honey, butter and salt into the same pan that you use to toast the nuts. Stir on a low heat until everything melts in ooey goodness.
  3. Turn off the heat, add in some vanilla extract for that oh-so-wonderful smell.
  4. Meanwhile, add in some chocolate chips into the nuts, stirring them just about evenly. And then, pour the nuts into the sugary syrup and mix.
  5. Now, it' important that you don't make a lot of the syrup, as if you're making a soup. I didn't measure how much I put the ingredients in but I think about half a cup of brown sugar and 1tbsp of honey would suffice. You'd think they're not enough to cover the nuts, but they actually do. Just keep on stirring and mixing. Too much of the syrup would make your granola nuggets too sweet.
  6. Taste, and you'd be surprised.. Haha.. But the steps does not end here. You need to get yourself a non-stick baking parchment. Dump the delicious goodness onto the parchment paper and press them evenly.
  7. Wait till they are a bit hard and cool to touch before you cut them. I think I waited for about 15 minutes. It's really up to you on how big/small you want to cut them. My wrapper was already pre-cut when I bought them, so I had to cut the granolas according to the size of the wrapper.
  8. Finally, wrap! Oh silap, finally, you pop the granolas into your mouth.. yummy!

These make perfect raya tidbits. :) Of course, you can use other nuts, and you can also add in dried fruits as well. If you don't want to waste your time wrapping the granolas individually like I did, I suppose you can keep them in an air-tight jar, but just make sure you keep the layers separated by using parchment. Else, they'll stick to each other like nobody else's business.


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  1. oh wow! another recipe...saya suka..nanti lepas posa leh la aku try