Sunday, January 23, 2011


Oh my..

February is almost here. I didn't even get to wish y'all a Happy New Year. :P Okie, my bad. I should have, could have and would have.. All of which I didn't.. But it's only January, and there's still another 11 months to go till 2011 say au revoir.. So I could still wish for you to have a great year ahead.. :)

What have I been up to lately? (in the arts and crafts and bake world?). Honestly, not much. Tee hee.. I managed to bake a marble cake for a small farewell party. I'm glad I did cuz there was one mummy-to-be who enjoyed my cake.. It really warms up the heart, to know that you were able to make someone happy. It makes all your effort worthwhile. :)

Before that, I managed to create a birthday card. Is it considered boastful if I think it's one of a kind? In Malay, the word is "perasan". Oh screw, I really, really liked the card that I made, so there. I don't think it's absolutely gorgeous or amazingly beautiful, but I really, really liked the card. :P Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of it. But that's ok. I could just easily re-create it.

Now, observe the word 'manage'. In my case, it translates to being able to do something nice in the midst of other things. The 'other things' might not be as much fun as the things that I 'managed' to do but they must be done. :P So, I had to squeeze in to do things that I enjoy. In a simpler term that I had wish to avoid typing, I've been busy.. :P

Today, I woke up realizing that I have accomplished most of the 'other things that are not as much fun to do'. So, I figure, I could do something fun instead. Here are some of the things I did, some small greeting cards that you'd put on a gift. These things cost you about RM1 and above if you buy them in a gift store and the likes. But if you have some time to spare, some scraps and paper, some glue and a scissor, you could just easily create your own small greeting cards. Enjoy!

Cut out from leftover wrapping papier

A bit of beads

Cut out from an empty tissue box
Cut out from a paper bag

Till next we meet!


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